The Benefits of Pets

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Did you know there are numerous benefits of pets which make it worth it to own one? Simply possessing a pet proves to be extremely invaluable. If you enjoy having pets near you, you could gain physically, emotionally and mentally. Promising research has shown that relating with pets has a helpful impact on your physical and mental health and wellness. Pet therapy centers rely on the usage of animals like cats or dogs to offer various benefits to the patient. Pets of any sort can be an enormous addition to aid in perking up and maintaining a fit way of life. Everybody can profit from the benefits of pet therapy.

Physical Health Benefits of Pets for Humans

Studies have shown that pet therapy can lessen the risk of heart disease. The mere act of petting an animal is believed to lower heart rate, cholesterol, triglyceride and blood pressure levels. Just by stroking an animal stimulates exercise of your hands and arms. Other research has demonstrated that pet owners that have had a heart attack will enjoy a longer life expectancy than people who do not have a pet companion.

Going outside with their dog for his daily walk will not only give the dog his routine exercise, the exercise it provides his owner will increase the person’s activity and flexibility with all the walking, running, stretching, turning and bending. In addition, playing with a pet promotes a person to be more energetic physically too. It has even been shown that our pets can sense and warn us when certain types of impending medical emergencies, like epileptic seizures, are about to occur. This is extremely helpful for the individual who is standing or in the process of doing something that could injure himself when an approaching seizure is about to hit. The dog can provide a signal before the seizure happens allowing enough time for the person to get into a safe and secure place and position. Regular contact with pets has been linked with a rise in the release of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine in the brain. Pet therapy can be especially beneficial for seniors, those with autism and patients with Alzheimer’s since it can relax them.  Also, elderly people seem to have fewer doctors’ appointments if they care for a pet.

Psychological Benefits of Pets

The health and wellness benefits of pets can be seen most significantly in their interactions with those who are ill, disabled or a senior. Animals are now frequently brought into hospitals, nursing and retirement homes to supply regular companionship for individuals who are isolated and having difficulty connecting. The animals effectively assist in battling depression and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); therefore they can revive an interest in life for the patient.

A companion animal is able to help children, as well as others, grieve the death of someone close to them. A pet is endowed with the ability to provide the child with unconditional love and a friend to tell their deepest secrets thus reducing loneliness. It teaches the child both compassion and responsibility. Interaction with a furry friend can relieve stress and decrease anxiety as it draws attention away from the person and towards their little buddy. Caring for a pet can make an individual feel needed again. When a person is home by themselves, a dog can give a sense of safety and security knowing it is there to guard the house and protect them from harm.

What We Can Do for Pets

Pets help us so much so what can we do for them? First, we should consider pet adoption for a loving animal who really needs a home. Then when we have them home, we should provide them with only the best pet supplies, quality food and loving care. Perhaps purchasing pet health insurance, so keeping them healthy will not be too expensive. Pets can make us laugh and smile with their crazy antics. It goes without saying that pets bring joy through greeting us when we come home. Dogs wag their tails and cats snuggle up on our laps. Pets are a splendid gift and can become an essential element of their owner’s life. The benefits of pets are numerous to humans.

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